Lab equipment supply acc. to Customer's tasks

Our company, being one of the leaders regarding competent delivery of complex analytical equipment, can offer you various comprehensive fitting out options.

As we understand it, the term ‘comprehensive fitting out’ can be used both for single analytic task and can have broader sense.

А. Method delivery.
We believe a laboratory, especially a production laboratory, requires not so much a single device as a delivered method, i.e. a ready-made solution for a standard procedure implementation (GOST, ASTM, RD, etc.). In this case, by comprehensive fitting out we mean the following:

1. Device (measuring device, testing facilities, analyzer)
2. Sample preparation equipment
3. General laboratory equipment
4. Chemical vessels
5. Expendables and chemical reagents (requirement estimation is required)

B. Laboratory package supply.
In the broadest sense of the word, the term ‘package supply’ shall mean supply of the whole laboratory, including erection of the modular building. Of course, the first stage of this supply is a detailed design development. Detailed design includes explanatory note, process design, utilities design and architectural concepts. No matter where the complete laboratory is located - in modular or permanent building - it should include:

1. General analytic equipment (according to the process design)
2. General laboratory equipment (for method package supply)
3. Auxiliary equipment for laboratory operation as a whole – water distillation units, dishwashers, driers
4. Accessories and tools
5. Chemical vessels (including volumetric apparatus)
6. Expendables and chemical reagents (requirement estimation is needed)
7. Personal protection equipment and instruments determining working area sanitary factors
8. Laboratory furniture

General laboratory equipment is simple devices required for procedure implementation. This section includes thermostats, waterbaths, scales, drying chambers, muffle kilns, agitators, coolers, etc. 

We can deliver all this equipment both within the laboratory package supply and at individual request.

We offer general laboratory equipment of about 100 manufacturers, the key being the following:
Mettler Toledo – scales, moisture analyzers, pH meters, conductivity meters, ion meters.
LAUDA – thermostats, thermostatic coolers, waterbaths
Vacuubrand – chemical-resistant vacuum pumps
Memmert – desiccators, incubators, water and oil baths
GFL – water distillation units, water baths, agitators
Heidolph – agitators, rotary evaporators
Barnstead – heating mantles
Hettich and Sigma Zentrifugen – centrifuges

Laboratory glass.
We don’t fulfill requests for delivery of individual glassware lots. Exception is made for special foreign products which are integrated into analyzers (for example, fractional composition analyzers) and purchased as spare parts for previously delivered equipment.
Within the scope of laboratory package supply, we can offer delivery of developed glassware at your option. High quality glass is manufactured by a number of European manufacturers. We offer products of German companies, such as Schott Glas, LMS. Class A volumetric apparatus of these manufacturers (according to DIN and ISO classification) is validated in the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology bodies according to accuracy class 1GOST 1770-74.

Expendables and chemical agents.
We don’t consider individual requests for chemical agents, as these requests are satisfied by a variety of companies specialized in these products. However, within a package supply, we are ready to help estimate the need for expendables by analysis methods, as well as used chemical agents, and then make a delivery.

Examples of laboratory package supplies:
1. Commercial laboratories at crude fiscal metering stations. The laboratories for oil workers are the example of the most developed package solutions. We have implemented several dozens projects both in modular and permanent buildings provided by the customer.
2. Work with Omsk Oil Refinery is an example of package approach to the equipping of refinery enterprise laboratories.
3. Ecology centers. Our company has fitted up the leading ecology centers - YuSU UNAC (Khanty-Mansiysk) and IEVC (Surgut)