Analytica - metal laboratory furniture production

EPAC-Service produces premium metal laboratory furniture. We focus only on those customers who have real possibilities to select furniture for their laboratories. However, we are ready to provide varied furniture of consumer grade and discount systems for customers with limited financial resources.

Our production is designed taking into account the global safety and ergonomic trends. Foreign materials and technologies are used in furniture production. The style and quality of this furniture is closer to imported furniture rather than that of domestic equivalents, so we call it import-substituting.

The furniture has the Compliance Certificate of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology No. ROSS RU.DM34.В02040, as well as the Safety and Health Certificate.

Analytica was designed for use in the oil and gas industry.

Variations from other brands:

  • High quality: the only brand in Russia compliant with the western quality standards (DIN EN 14175-2: 2003-08 (DIN 12924));
  • Only high-quality foreign parts and materials are used (powder paint, plumbing fixtures, lamps);
  • State-of-the-art materials for working surfaces (industrial solid ceramics);
  • Upscale design solutions – polypropylene exhaust hood for acids handling, exhaust hood for paraffin testing, weighting table with special vibration dampers.


Analytica EN – batch production from 2008:

  • Exhaust hoods meet European standards (DIN EN 14175-2: 2003-08 (DIN 12924));
  • Built-in lower pedestal (standard or for HFL storage);
  • Advanced aerodynamics;
  • Three-piece protection shield with upgraded lifting and lowering mechanism.


The catalogue of metal laboratory furniture is available here.


Examples of large deliveries:


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Yugorsky State University 


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Gazpromneft - Khantos, field "Zimnee" 

Rosneft JSC

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Samotlorneftegaz, Nizhnevartovsk


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КТК-К, Aturay, Kazakhstan

Turgay petroleum, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan

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Salavatnefteorgsintez, Bashkortostan

Polymetal plant, Moscow

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