Equipment for core and fluid test

For geochemical surveys, core and formation fluid examination and also for investigation of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes, we offer equipment and instruments of the leading manufacturers in this field, Vinci Technologies (France), Cydarex (France).

Vinci Technologies is an affiliated company of Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP, currently IFPEN) established in 1992 as a merger of Geomechanique and Sotelem. The Company designs and produces laboratory facilities for solving tasks in petroleum geochemistry, general and special core analysis, evaluation of enhanced oil recovery methods, testing of productive strata operating factors and thermodynamic investigations of formation fluids.

Cydarex is an affiliated company of IFP like Vinci Technologies. The company has to its credit equipment for special core and drill cuttings analysis and also the software which makes it possible to process results of mountain breed investigations and to simulate analysis routines.

Large projects implemented by EPAC-Service include instruments supply for core and formation fluids testing to laboratories of Yugorskiy State University GENGR Research Institute, TyumenNIIgiprogaz OJSC, MNP GEODATA LLP, Tyumen Scientific Oil Center. Unique analytical sets were installed in the laboratories of Oil and Gas RSU named after Gubkin and Gorny NMSU. For more detailed information about the equipment for core and formation fluids test, see special catalogues:

Equipment for core test
Equipment for oil PTV-test

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