Equipment for chromatography and spectroscopy

No oil, oil products and gas quality analysis laboratory can go without chromatographic and spectral methods. For many years, PerkinElmer plays a leading role in the development of chromatographic, spectroscopic and element analysis devices, and it is well-known due to its reliability and functionality.

Chromatographs and spectrometers of this company are supplied to the laboratories working in various areas – oil production and oil refinery, gas and gas condensate production and processing, ecology, laboratories of water service companies, SES and CLATM (Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Metrology) laboratories, criminal laboratories, laboratories of pharmaceutical enterprises, laboratories of universities and scientific institutes of the Academy of Science.
We hope that you will also like to work with devices of this reputed and respected company.

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In order to provide the instrumentation pool with continuous air and gas flows, we offer Parker Domnick Hunter laboratory gas generators.

Hydrogen generator.
It replaces high pressure vessels in the laboratory producing continuous hydrogen gas flow of ultra high purity. Usage of generators is completely safe and doesn’t require any special operational and installation conditions.

  • Reaction gas for detectors in FID, AFD, FPD, TCD, ELHD gas chromatography. 
  • Carrier gas for gas chromatography.

Nitrogen generator.

Simple and cheap nitrogen production out of compressed air.

  • Spraying gas for LC/MS (one and several devices)
  • Purging gas for ICP, ELSD, NMR
  • Carrier gas and makeup gas in gas chromatography 
  • Solvent evaporation

Zero-air grade generator.
Produces continuous clean dry air flow with ultralow content of residual methane.

  • Reaction gas for gas chromatography and detectors 
  • Gas detection

Clean dry air generator.
Absorbent driers provide continuous clean dry air flow.

  • Chromatography 
  • Spectroscopy 
  • Rheometry 
  • Sample preparation
  • Automated samplers

Air without СО2 generator.
It replaces high pressure vessels with synthetic air producing your own air without CO2 and moisture.

  • TOC analyzer 
  • FT-IR charging 
  • Microscope charging