Equipment for petroleum products quality control

Russia finishes adoption of Euro-5 standard fuel for production and use. In 2011 the technical regulations of the Customs Union “Requirements for petrol and aviation fuel, diesel and marine fuel, jet aircraft fuel and industrial fuel oil” came in effect. They include national standards list stipulating rules and measurement and resting methods required for execution of these Technical Regulations. Therefore regulations and specifications regulating oil products quality control are gradually being harmonized with the world standards.


Thus, standard for motor petroleums GOST R 51105-97 is gradually being replaced by the standard GOST R 51866-2002 (so called Lukoil standard) conforming to the European standard EN 228-99. The specifications for diesel fuel GOST 305 are gradually being replaced by GOST R 52638-2005, new specifications conforming to EN 590-2004.
At the present moment the latest standard for jet fuels is GOST R 52050-2003 “Aviation fuel for gas turbine engines JET A-1”


Let us introduce equipment packages for execution of the TU Technical Regulations. Besides, in the Oil Product Quality Control catalogue you can find ready-made solutions for implementation of the oil product reference test methods specified by GOST, ASTM, ISO, IP.

Series for oil product quality control
This section represents quality control packages for a number of oil products taking into account the latest methods:

- Unleaded petrol
- Diesel fuel
- Jet fuel
- Oils
- Residual oils (heavy oils, bitumen, flux oil)
For more information see the catalogue.

Key projects implemented
Our Company started its activity in 1992 as a supplier of the high-technology equipment to the Omsk Oil Refinery Plant which was one of the largest enterprises in the industry. We keep our partnership relations till the present day.

Besides, we provided supplies to the following oil refining complex enterprises:

  • Yaysk Oil Refinery, turn-key project
  • Achinsk Oil refinery 
  • Ryazan Oil Refinery 
  • Yaroslavl Oil Refinery 
  • Kirishi Oil Refinery 
  • Khabarovsk Oil Refinery 
  • Uray Oil Refinery 
  • Salavatnefteorgsintez (Republic of Bashkortostan)
  • Saratov Oil Refinery
  • Tobolskneftekhim
  • Severny Kuzbass Oil Refinery 
  • Perm Oil Refinery 
  • Volgograd Oil Refinery 
  • Nizhny Novgorod Oil Refinery 
  • Atyrau Oil Refinery (Republic of Kazakhstan)


Experience of cooperation with Omsk Oil Refinery
- equipping of the blending station with the continuous flow quality control system;
- ongoing cooperation in selection of equipment and implementation of fuel and oil quality control methods and ecological analysis methods;
- annual service contract for laboratory and continuous flow equipment in the 24-hours response mode.

Major projects at Omsk Oil Refinery
1994-1995 – equipping of the Quality Audit Laboratory (replacement of outdated home equipment)

1997-1998 – PIONIR 1024 octane number inline analyzer

2001 – equipping of the laboratories for alcilation production control

2004 – equipping of the laboratories for reforming plant operation control after modernization under UOP project

2006 – equipping of the laboratories for Parex process plant modernization

2007-2008 – equipment delivery for production of EURO IV standard diesel fuel

2009-2010 – installation of the oil product custody transfer unit on the basis of Mettler Toledo railweight unit

Joint implementation of the simulation distillation methods according to ASTM D2887, D5307, petroleum detailed analysis according ASTM D5134, D6730 and many others.

Key objects at Omsk Oil Refinery
Equipment fleet that we supplied and commissioned at Omsk Oil Refinery is very large. There are about 50 operating PerkinElmer chromatographs alone at the plant. Our specialists perform service maintenance for all equipment. The following are the lists of primary instruments with implemented methods by facilities:

  • OPO analytical laboratory 
  • Commercial laboratory 
  • Gas fuel laboratory 
  • Laboratory of Aromatika complex 
  • Oil laboratory
  • Public health laboratory 
  • Oil product custody transfer on the basis of Mettler Toledo railweight unit

The specified list is the best evidence of our experience. Many our employees have industry-specific education in the area of oil refining, some of them have worked at Omsk Oil Refinery earlier.

OPO analytical laboratory
ARNEL-1315, ARNEL-LPG for gas and liquefied gas analysis according to GOST 10679, 14920 corresponding to the methods ASTM, ISO. Designed by Autosystem XL TAB - ASTM D5134 (hydrocarbons detailed analysis), ASTM D5441 (MTBE purity test).
Autosystem, Clarus 500 for ASTM D2887, D5307 (analysis by the simulated distillation method).
Autosystem with the capillary column – for different analysis as required.
Clarus 500 for stack gas analysis in Claus Unit.
Series-200 liquid chromatograph - aromatics in fuel according to IP 391, ASTM D 6379.

Series-200 liquid chromatograph for oil molecular mass distribution and different analysis including PAC.
Spectrum 1000 IR-Fourier spectrometer for oil and additives analysis and oil product identification.
Lambda-14 UV/View spectrometer, Lambda-35 UV/View spectrometer.
Plasma-400 ICP-spectrometer (replaced by Optima-5300DV at the end of 2006) with microwave oven – metal analysis in oils, additives, etc. for ecologic purposes.
Mettler Toledo DL 50 titration apparatus - 2 pcs. (including one for Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis).
Horiba SLFA-2100 x-ray fluorescent spectrometer – analysis of sulfur in weak concentration.

Commercial laboratory
Spectrum 100 IR-Fourier spectrometer for analysis according to ASTM D4053 (benzene in petroleum) and ASTM D5845 (oxygenate in petroleum).
3300 Model atomic absorption spectrometer for lead test in petroleums according to ASTM D3237 (replaced by AAnalyst-800 in 2008).
PIONIR 1024 GP analyzer (replaced by PIONIR MVP in 2007).
Koehler ASTM D 1319 (FIA), Petrotest ASTM D 130 (copper plate) analyzers and other methods.

Gas fuel laboratory

4 chromatographs for simulated distillation (SimDist) for oil potential online control (complete match with АРН):
Oil according to ASTM D 5307 – 2 pcs, flux oils according to extended ASTM D 2887, preliminary distillation middle runnings according to ASTM D 2887.
ARNEL 1015 – impurities in hydrogen sulfide (H2S ~ 100%.)
ARNEL 2103 for hydrogen bearing gas analysis.
ARNEL 1115 for dry gas.
AutoSystem XL – analysis of gases in oil.
ARNEL 4427 with chemiluminescence detector for sulfur-containing compounds analysis in oil, gas and other hydrocarbon fractions.
General laboratory equipment for decade oil analysis (GOST 11851, etc.).
Euroglass ECS 3000 with two modules – chloride according to ASTM D 4929, sulfur according to ASTM D3120.

DE40 automatic densitometer with SL-24L auto sampler.

Laboratory of Aromatika complex
Autosystem, Autosystem XL, Clarus-500 - UOP-744, ASTM D5134, D3797, D3798, D5443 etc.

ARNEL 4006 for ASTM D4420 (benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum).
ARNEL 5300 for ASTM D5443 (hydrocarbon type analysis in petroleums).
ARNEL 4015 – PIONA for ASTM D6733, 5134, 6730 (detailed hydrocarbon composition of hydrocarbon fractions and commercial petroleums).
ARNEL 1015, 1115, 1215, 1315 Models for light, hydrocarbon and liquefied gas compositional analysis.
ARNEL 2103 for hydrogen bearing gas analysis.
Mettler Toledo DL 58 titration apparatus for GOST 22985, UOP-209, UOP-291, UOP-304.
Mettler Toledo DL 39 titration apparatus for UOP-481, UOP-358.
EMIA-220 for carbon test in catalysts according to UOP-703.
Euroglas TN3000 – nitrogen according to ASTM D 4629.
Mettler Toledo DE 40 densitometer with SC-1 according to ASTM D4052.

Oil laboratory

PerkinElmer Clarus 500 chromatograph – 2 pcs.
PerkinElmer Optima ICP-spectrometer.
2 Mettler Toledo titration apparatus (acid number GOST 5985, base number GOST 6307 etc.).
Koehler and Petrotest equipment (copper plate corrosion GOST 6321, foaming property ASTM D 892 etc.).

Public health laboratory
Working area control equipment.
PerkinElmer Clarus 500 chromatograph (2 pcs), Lambda-25 IR-spectrometer, Innova 1302.