Laboratory equipment and pilot plants for preparation and examination of catalysts and research of hydrocarbons refinery processes

We offer both ready-made and individual solutions of our French and American partners for development and research of hydrocarbon crude refinery processes, including processes involving catalyst systems.

Vinci Technologies is an affiliated company of Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP, currently IFPEN) established in 1992 as a merger of Geomechanique and Sotelem. The Company designs and produces reliable laboratory and pilot plants for preparation and testing of catalysts and adsorbents. These plants are used in many catalytic reactions (heterogeneous and homogeneous) proceeding both in gas and liquid phases, and they allow to acquire data about activity, selectivity to end products, sensitivity to inhibitors, poisons, activation conditions, etc. Additionally, there is a range of equipment which allows to perform catalysts and adsorbents mechanical testing, i.e. friction and resistance test.

Catalogue of catalysts and sorbents preparation and testing equipment