Equipment for natural and associated petroleum gas analysis

For many years, the issue of gas quality control was not given much importance. But currently the situation is changing due to a number of adopted resolutions (Kyoto protocol ratification, RF Government Regulation No. 344 dated 12.06.2007, Decision of Federal Agency of Subsoil Usage CDC dated 14.06.2007, etc.)

Besides, much attention is being paid to associated petroleum gas produced in oil deposits. According to the adopted regulations, the minimum level of associated petroleum gas utilization should be 95% at designing of the new sites for the oil production enterprises and at modernization (Decision of RF MNR offsite meeting dated 18.06.2007).

Main ways for associated gas utilization:

  • Gas supply to GPP – own or third-party;
  • Power generation by gas turbine plants (GTP);
  • Usage for enterprise own needs;
  • Supply in public utilities for household and practical needs.

Overwhelming amount of associated gas is utilized by the first two ways. Both gas and oil workers face the problem of product quality determination at the stage of gas delivery to the third-party organization. Combustible natural gas quality is determined by two main standards: GOST 5542-87 “Combustible natural gases for industrial and municipal purpose” and GOST 22387 “Household gas”.

We offer ready-made solutions for hydrocarbon gas quality control:

  • Fractional analysis
  • Humidity 
  • Liquid gas saturated vapor pressure 
  • Sulfur-containing compounds 
  • Other impurities 

For detailed information see the catalogue.

Key projects implemented:
1. LPG storage laboratory of Lokosovskiy GTP (LUKoil-Langepasneftegaz OJSC).
2. Modernization and re-equipment of Kogalumskaya GCS laboratory (Lukoil-Kogalumneftegaz OJSC).
3. SIBUR laboratories equipment (Yuzhno-Balukskiy GPP, etc.).
4. Equipping of Gazprom OJSC laboratories (Noyabrskgazodobycha OJSC, UrengoyGazprom OJSC).
5. Equipment supply to oil producing companies for associated gas quality control (RN-Yuganskneftegaz OJSC, Noyabrskneftegaz OJSC, package for gas quality control for Zapadno-Malobalykskoye LLP).