Gram Commercial A/S (Denmark) is one of the oldest (est. 1902) and largest world’s manufacturers of the widest range of chilling equipment, from domestic to specialized refrigerators. The wide range of the manufactured equipment includes GRAM Bioline brand, explosion proof refrigerators and freezing chambers. GRAM is the largest world’s manufacturer of these products. Formally the relationships with EPAC-Service were established in 2011 when our company obtained the dealer status and certified GRAM Bioline product line in Russia.

Based on the dealers group activity results in Russia, GRAM Commercial A/S management decided to establish an integrated sales and marketing center on the basis of EPAC-Service. All other companies are transferred into subdealers retaining the status of the authorized manufacturer’s partner that allows them to supply the equipment and to perform post-warranty service to full extent.

In addition to the refrigerators traditionally supplied to the oil and gas laboratories for storage of oil and oil products retained samples, specialists in other fields can be interested in specialized refrigerators and freezing chambers for blood banks (full explosion protection) and the range of Bio Ultra laboratory freezing chambers with freezing down to -86оС (without explosion protection), refrigerated tables and blast chilling chambers.