INNOVA Instruments and Applications (Дания)

INNOVA Instruments and Applications is a European branch of the large transcontinental company.

INNOVA was established in 2005 as an individual brand by separation of a large Copenhagen branch from the well-known Bruel & Kjaer Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S. The branch operated within Bruel & Kjaer for over 50 years; it specialized in photoacoustic spectroscopy and then was transformed into an independent company INNOVA.

Today Innova is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of gas mixture monitoring and analytic systems (gas analyzers) for industry, medicine, power industry (including petrochemical industry), environment protection and scientific research needs.

Additionally, the company designs thermal control systems, car and room ventilation systems and produces portable instruments and sensors for temperature conditions control in production facilities.

Since 2008, our company represents LumaSense Technologies for INNOVA brand.