LUM (Германия)

EPAC-Service and LUM GmbH entered into the agreement whereunder EPAC-Service CJSC was granted the status of LUM’s authorized dealer in the oil industry in Russia, including specialized RDEs and HEIs. This agreement comes into effect from March 1, 2012 and will continue for 3 years with the following possible prolongation.

LUM profile: design and production of equipment for research of processes occurring in disperse systems (sedimentation, stratification, coalescence, aggregation, flocculation, etc.). These processes can be studied using direct methods (under gravity) as well as accelerated methods (centrifugally).

General equipment use:

  • Quantitative objective estimation of demulsifying agents efficiency (classic “bottle test” replacement),
  • Selection of demulsifying agent effective concentration,
  • Stability estimation for process mediums used in drilling and oil enhancement recovery processes,
  • Study of kinetics in very slow stratification and sedimentation processes (processes are accelerated in 2300 times!),
  • Oil stability test on the basis of asphaltenes using the separation number under   ASTM D 7061,
  • Application of  obtained curves as “finger-prints” for production quality control,
  • Storage and transportation stability test,
  • Forecasting of sample shelf life,
  • Particle size determination.

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