Mettler Toledo (Швейцария)

METTLER TOLEDO is an international industrial corporation, the largest manufacturer of weighing equipment and analytical instruments for laboratory and production in the world.

The corporate headquarters is located in Switzerland; the plants in Germany, the US, the UK and other countries produce instruments. Over the years of its development, METTLER TOLEDO incorporated over ten companies, which enriched the corporation by their research and production capacities.

Our company has been delivering Mettler Toledo products for 10 years. During these years, EPAC-Service has been repeatedly marked as the most effective dealer on the territory of Russia. However, we not only deliver the products. We offer advisory services for the partners at all stages of problem solving– from equipment selection to service maintenance and software update. Some technical solutions on Mettler Toledo equipment were developed by our specialists. This resulted in Measurement Procedures registered in GosStandard.

All our measurement equipment supplied is accompanied by validation certificates, translated instructions and other required documentation. But the customer often needs a ready working set for a standard method rather than just a device. So, the main tasks in oil processing and oil refinery industries are the determination of oil and oil products quality factors. These factors include moisture content, density, acid and base number, chlorine salt content, etc.

On the basis of reliable and modern Mettler Toledo equipment our company develops and offers ready solutions for determination of oil and oil products quality factors according to GOST, ASTM, ISO EN, UOP and other standards.

Along with oil and gas industry, we have a great experience in technical solution implementation in ecologic monitoring laboratories, in the research and development establishments of different specialization, in food processing and other industries.