TE Instruments (Нидерланды)

In 2012, EPAC-service was granted the status of TE Instruments’ exclusive representative in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

TE Instruments specializes in production of Xplorer series analyzers designed for total chlorine, sulfur and nitrogen testing in oil products and hydrocarbon gases.

The analyzer operating principle involves combustion of oil product or hydrocarbon gas sample in excess of oxygen followed by microcoulometric titration and ultra-violet or chemiluminescent detection of combustion products.

Xplorer analyzers have a wide scope of application ranging from oil and gas production to certification of refinery products:

  • Oil production, stock oil certification – Oil PCS laboratories
  • Oil and gas processing, production flow process control: testing laboratories of Oil refinery, GPP and petrochemical plants. 
  • Marketing organizations: POL stores, oil and oil products export terminals 
  • Research and development and independent laboratories.

The analyzers are designed for the following testing procedures:

  • GOST R 52247(Б), ASTM D4929(B) “Oil. Test methods for chlororganic compounds” 
  • ASTM D3120 “Standard method for sulfur trace impurities test in light liquid hydrocarbons using oxidizing microcoulometry” 
  • ASTM D3246 ‘Standard method for sulfur content test in the associated gas using oxidizing microcoulometry” 
  • GOST R EN ISO 20846 “Oil products. Test for sulfur content using ultraviolet fluorescence”
  • ASTM D5453 “Standard method for total sulfur test in light hydrocarbons, engine oil, spark ignition engine fuel and diesel fuel using UV-fluorescence” 
  • ASTM D6667 “Standard method for total volatile sulfur test in gas hydrocarbons and liquefied petroleum (associated) gases using ultraviolet fluorescence”
  • ASTM D4629 “ Standard method for residual nitrogen test in oil liquid hydrocarbons by oxidizing combustion of sample introduced by syringe or combustion boat oil and chemiluminescent detection”

For more information about TE Instruments equipment, please send a request via e-mail: TE@epac.ru