Vinci Technologies (Франция)

VINCI TECHNOLOGIES is an affiliated company of Institut Francais du Petrole (INSTITUT FRANCAIS DU PETROLE - IFP) established in 1992 by merging of GEOMECHANIQUE and SOTELEM.

VINCI TECHNOLOGIES offers laboratory equipment for petroleum geochemistry, general and special core analysis, estimation of EOR methods efficiency, investigation of productive strata and operating factors violation and methods for its recovery, thermodynamic investigations of formation fluids. Equipment for preparation and testing of oil refining and petroleum chemistry catalysts which can be used in research and development or experimental and design works and also equipment for catalysts and sorbents quality control. Due to the use of the IFP latest scientific achievements, the company can offer modern systems whose operating principle is based on measurement procedures recognized by the global scientific community.

EPAC-Service is the official representative of Vinci Technologies in Russia and CIS countries.