Xytel company (USA) established in 1974 designs and sells experimental and automated pilot plants and operating procedures for chemical and petrochemical industry. Over the years more than 600 pilot plants were commissioned all over the world. Xytel offers the full range of engineering and preliminary services for transfer of the new processes and products from pilot scope to commercial one. Highly skilled professionals of the company provide the complete cycle of pilot operation.

Xytel has different process design solutions for chemical/petrochemical, oil refinery industries, pharmaceuticals and bioengineering, chemical synthesis enterprises.



Xytel-India established in 1991 is the joint venture of Xytel Inc. (USA) and Aker Solutions (earlier Kvaerner/Davy Powergas, India) performing process design and supply of turn-key ready modular fully automated pilot plants and modular mini plants.

Xytel-India produces research plants for oil refinery, oil production, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and for clear chemical agents production. The company offers special services for implementation such projects as design, production, supply  and pre-commissioning of pilot plants used for research, development, catalysts/materials performance assessment and also for production process scaling.

One of the main features of Xytel-India plants is advanced control and data acquisition systems providing safe and reliable plant operation.


EPAC-Service CJSC is the only authorized dealer of Xytel and Xytel-India in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.